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A1 Zebra by George Stubbs

A1 Zebra by George Stubbs

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A1 Zebra by George Stubbs Decoupage Paper Craft Decoupage Papers for Furniture Poster Quality

Decoupage Paper For Furniture…such good quality they can be used as posters in a frame!

Vibrantly printed using state of the art technology.  Ideal for the ‘Decoupager’ that likes to use wallpapers, as opposed to tissue papers etc.   For a wrinkle free, crease free, tear free easier to manipulate medium these papers are fabulous to work with.

A1 posters are a little thicker Decoupage papers.

There is a wide variety of decoupage paper for furniture designs available to suit everyone’s taste and needs.

Gone are the wrinkly tissue papers or folded papers where the creases drive you mad, as these will be delivered to you in tubes so they are in perfect condition ready for you to use.


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